I’m a multi-creative

Writer, editor, ceramicist, illustrator, photographer, and YouTuber – it’s a bit of a mouthful! I have a broad skill-set on offer, from freelance writing and editing, to product and business photography, Creative Coaching, and Social Media Strategy.

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Courageous Creatives Podcast

In June 2021, I launched the Courageous Creatives Podcast. I wanted to make a space where other creatives felt like they were seen and heard, and could be inspired by others in their field to make their business dreams reality, and build a life they love now. Learn more about the podcast and where to tune in here.



Dropping a hat

Photography by Jake Burger I CAN DO THIS, I was almost chanting to myself. I can do it all. I can.  I was staring down the face of an email, that was asking – more so, directing – that I defer my Honours studies at university.  Despite every obstacle I have faced, I always found a […]

I wrote two equivalent ‘best-sellers’ – and no-one ever knew

I used to be ashamed of my two novel-length stories, but now they’re one of my greatest achievements.  When I was fifteen, I discovered the world of fanfiction. I was a passionate young writer at the time, and until that point, had been writing my own YA novel. Concurrently, I went through seasons of obsession […]

Why I made the city-to-country tree-change (and never looked back)

As I looked across at other cars, all at a stand-still, I saw a lot of other tired people. Some pinched their foreheads with a hand, some tapped the steering wheel furiously, others scrolled their phones. Some were in flashy Mercedes, delivery vans, dinged-up relics from the 90s, or little hatch-backs. Regardless of who everyone was, or where they were going, we were all wasting the same amount of time in traffic. I looked at my Waize app, and realised from the time I had left my office, to the point I would arrive home – I could have driven to Hamilton. In my epiphany, I knew that I couldn’t be doing this in five years’ time. Ten. Twenty. I felt this inexplicable pull, and knew that I had to move home.

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