Georgina Bee

Illustrations + Design

IN 2017, I was nannying two little girls and babysitting others, and on a daily basis would find myself illustrating pictures for them to colour in and paint. These unique and whimsical drawings sparked support from the parents I was minding for; when it came to cards for children and babies, there was very little by the way of simple and classic designs. (Not every child wants a cartoonish fairy or astronaut for their third birthday!)

Some of the first illustrations for Georgina Bee,
now available as greeting cards through Hope & Co.

I began to illustrate after work – animals and baby rompers – which would become the founding illustrations for my first small business. In September 2017, I registered ‘Georgina Bee’ – which pays homage to my own name, Georgina, and middle name initial, ‘B’. But it wasn’t until I neared completion of my Bachelor degree in 2019, that GB took off – launched under its parent business, Hope & Co. (founded by my mother, multi-creative extraordinaire, Sarah Hope).

In 2020, Georgina Bee continued to expand along with Hope & Co., as I ventured into two of my long-lost loves from school; ceramics and photography. Under the tutorage of my patient mum, I have honed my potting craft in our gorgeous studio in Hamilton, Victoria. In September, I launched my first ceramic line through Hope & Co.

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